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The “NH Road projects” is exclusively developed for those companies who involved in laying the Roads for National High ways in any country. This kind of companies faced so many type problem likes-

  • The field offices are spread all over the country or state so managing the Inventory in every location seems very difficult.
  • There is stock in one place but the same stock is being purchased in other location – thus incurring loss to company.
  • Not able to manage the purchases and not able to manage the inventory and not able to approve the purchase requests since the offices are in remote areas – not connected to office - – thus incurring loss to company by making multiple purchases of already available items.
  • In one field office a vehicle is standing idle and at the same time in the other field office an high rental paid vehicle is being hired -– thus incurring loss to company.
  • The accounts are spread in all the field offices and not able to have a quick integration of accounts - – thus incurring loss to company.
  • Not able to know if the field staff are being regular on time to the field office etc.

If your company faces any of the above or any other problems, then via “NH Road Projects Management ERP” is the right solution to your company.

Here are the key features of via “NH Road Projects Management ERP”

Binary Computer is a online solutions company, hence we provide this software “NH Road Projects Management ERP” is a web based solution – hence its accessible from any part of the world.

  • The management can control any field office sitting anywhere using a ordinary Laptop.
  • Online inventory
  • Software to manage multiple inventory locations.
  • Online vendor management.
  • Online purchase management
  • Online purchase approvals
  • Online production management
  • Online stores management
  • Online Vehicle management
  • Online accounts and finance management
  • Online payroll management
  • Online HR management

Why you used this software?

  • This software will be web based software
  • User Friendly
  • Software can be customized according to the client’s requirement
  • Implementation of the software is easy
Store Mangement

Key Points:

  • Know the track of the smallest to the biggest inventory of your company
  • Now freedom of using your software from Home, car, airport, etc., 24/7
  • No need to buy any costly software from any vendor
  • No need to maintain costly local servers
  • Adding additional branches, and new user at a branch is a "click of button."
  • Re-Order level - email alerts
  • Online Bill Passing
  • FIFO / LIFO methods in stores
  • Stock transfer between branches
  • Integrated centralized, purchase approvals and Purchase order generations
  • Vendor Rating/Vendor management
  • All minute spares of vehicles with part number stored in Inventory
  • FC, Insurance renewal alerts and email
  • Hire charges bill with deductions
  • Fuel consumption Monitoring
  • Complete features of payroll with remote attendance monitoring-connected to biometric or swipe /access cards
  • Access Login control with permissions

Job architecture of Road Construction Company

We shall divide some location in your present project. Every Location will handle one project manager. Every calculation, budget, fund allotment will be as per location basis. And as per location we shall make every type of reports.

When we shall receive one work order, NH will provide total details how much soil, brick, stone cheap and all other item is necessary. We shall put all value as per location and on that basis we shall calculate per month achievement and actual how much have achieve.

Architructure of Job

Architructure of Job Architructure of Job
Project 1:50 KM ROAD

Software Module

  • Inventory Management Module
  • Vehicle and Machinery Management and Maintenance Module
  • HR Module
  • Fund Flow Module
  • MIS Module
  • Accounts Module
  • Canteen Module
  • Fuel Module
  • Cash / Bank Module
  • Budget Module
  • Job Module


Effective inventory management with the Online Inventory module allows much more affordable, easy to use, sustainable solutions to rapidly evaluate map, and manage work assets, including stocks, purchase order processing, delivery details, supplier details, and other utilities. And with out technologies, the possibilities are nearly limitless. It will also have centralized inventory management system which gives you the right information at the right time in the right format, enabling you to quickly analyze and act accordingly.

Main Features under Inventory system

  • Material tracking in place
  • Online Bill Passing
  • FIFO / LIFO methods in stores
  • Comprehensive and Flexible Stock Transfer Processing
  • Integrated centralized, purchase approvals and purchase order generation
  • Vendor Rating / Vendor Management

Inventory Control System (Stores Activities)

  • Item Master
  • Stores Issue Note
  • Closing Stock updation
  • GRN (Good Receipts / Inspection Reports)
  • GRN (Miscellaneous items)
  • Issue / Receipts
  • STN (Stock Transfer Note)
  • Delivery Challan
  • Delivery Challan Returns Indent

Transaction for Purchase Routine

  • Preparation of Purchase Requisition
  • Preparation Purchase Order
  • Purchase Schedule Details
  • Preparation of Miscellaneous
  • Purchase Order

Online Vendor Management

  • Vendor Details
  • Vendor Rating (Quality Rating / Price Rating)
  • After Sales Support
  • Timely Response
  • Receiving & Payments

Purchase Order Processing

  • Purchase Requisition
  • Purchase Orders
  • Regular / Spot Purcase


  • Indent Reports
  • Purchase requisition status
  • Purchase Order Report
  • Stock Transfer Report
  • Stock summary
  • Ledger
  • Daily Issue Cost Report
  • Purchase Requisition Report
  • GRN Report
  • Local Purchase Report and Host of other Reports
Inventory Management System Inventory Management System


Why we need Software to maintain our Vehicles?

  • Consumption monitoring becomes fool proof
  • Betraying can be avoided
  • Avoids the major mechanical failures in vehicles
  • Reminders – Tax, FC, insurance etc….
  • Cost cutting – utilizing idle vehicle
  • All data available at anytime & anywhere
  • Keep accurate records for any type of vehicle

Advantage of Using this Software

  • All information pertaining a vehicle (Lorry, JCB’S & Container Lift etc.,) is been recorded
    • li arrow No of loads will be monitored
    • li arrow All your current vehicle position will be monitored
  • Log books are brought online
  • Maintenance History
  • Efficiency of vehicle is known on day to day basis
  • Hire bill generation (will reflect if any cost incurred for particular vehicle)
  • Help you to plan annual vehicle budgets faster, easier and more accurately

Vehicle / Machinery / Maintenance Module

  • All information pertaining a vehicle (Lorry, JCB’S & Container Lift etc.,) is been recorded
  • Daily Progress Entry
  • Daily Position Report
  • Excess Diesel Monthly Report
  • Fuel consumption monitoring report
  • Vehicle – Maintenance report (buses & Lorries)
  • Expenses Report
  • Annual Expenses [ex: FC, IC, RC]
  • Maintenance expenses
  • Renewal Report
  • Renewal Cost Report
  • Vehicle Permit Report
  • Vehicle Transfer
  • Tyre Maintenance
  • Oil & Spares Report
  • Vehicle Spares issues
  • Vehicle Spares Report
  • Vehicle Sale / Scrap

Hire Vehicle Details

  • Hire Vehicle Bill Generation (with Approvals)
  • Hire vehicle position entry (Daily running km monitoring)
  • Maintaining / Closing Hire Vehicles
  • Close hire vehicle after agreement period over


  • Reminders are by as well as by meter reading
  • Insurance/ FC reminders/ Tax are by date
  • Wear-and-tear reminders are by meter reading
  • Total expenditure reminders

Diesel/ Oil Consumption

  • We can monitor the diesel consumption of each vehicle
  • Efficiency of each vehicle can be monitored
  • Automatic rating to each vehicle
  • Total working hours/Mileage graphs

Log Book

  • Vehicle basic details
  • Maintenance history
  • Position Details
  • Transferring Details…,

Admin Control

  • User detail management
  • Access Login control with permission
  • Flash news
  • Information Transfer Between Branches

Reports (Vehicle Maintenance):

  • 1. Vehicle Log Book
  • 2. Daily Progress Report
  • 3. Maintenance Report
  • 4. Transferring Report
  • 5. Vehicle branch wise position Report
  • 6. Total working hours Report
  • 7. Fuel consumption Report
  • 8. Tyre tracking Report
  • 9. Renewal Reports
  • 10. Hire bill Report
  • 11. Sales scrap reports and host of other reports
  • 12. Vehicle availability report
  • 13. Plant availability report
  • 14. Man power utilization and allocation report
  • 15. Breakdown report
  • 16. Actual Operative quantity report
  • 17. Finished Road level report
  • 18. Total Operative Quantity report
  • 19. Site clearance and Dismantling report
  • 20. Earth work report
  • 21. Granular sub base and base courses report
  • 22. Bituminous course and cement concrete pavement report
  • 23. Maintenance Report
  • 24. Cross drainage works report
  • 25. Main carriage way report
  • 26. Scarification report
  • 27. Construction of Granular sub base report
  • 28. Construction of Wet Mix Macadam report
BC Software Services Pvt Ltd


  • Project Control Office send amount requistation to Branch Office or Head Office as per next month work
  • Head office send amount to Branch office or Project control Office
  • Project Control office make all payment
  • Head Office can pay direct amount to any party
  • Automatically bank book and cash book maintains

Payment maid to party by Advance or against bill or Cash

Project Control Office can make payment for

  • Material Purchase
  • Road Construction Expenses
  • Fixed Asset purchase
  • Labor charge or sub contact payment
  • Overhead

Fund requirements are weekly party wise or head wise.

The payroll system helps creating employee data in the payroll database to help generate monthly salary, bonus, and calculated other allied allowances as assigned from time to time. Since the software is web-based, there is no problem with regards to space constraint with the user’s computer.

The Payroll Module is been divided & developed in 3 main Divisions


  • Generate Department
  • Employee Designation
  • Location List
  • TDS Master List
  • Bonus Percentage
  • Employee Management


  • Staff Transfer from List
  • Employee Working Details
  • Employee Salary Structure
  • Employee Monthly Attendances
  • Employee – Bonus Generate
  • Employee – Add Bata
  • Employee – Loan Details Form
  • Employee – Payroll Entry Page
  • Monthly Payroll View Page


  • PF Related Report
  • Employee Salary Slip
  • Employee Leave Report
  • Employee Bonus Report
  • Employee Loan Report
  • Employee List Report
  • Staff Transfer Report
  • Employees Relieving Appoint Order
  • Special HRA List

All the additions and deletions of base data related to employee management is done is this module. This constitutes the foundation of the entire payroll software. Hence it is necessary to first input the basic data into this module so that future execution of data at higher levels becomes simple.

All the additions and deletions of base data related to employee management is done is this module. This constitutes the foundation of the entire payroll software. Hence it is necessary to first input the basic data into this module so that future execution of data at higher levels becomes simple.

Generate Department

First and foremost step is to create departments which can be used as drop down list at the time of entering employee details.

Add Department

This can be done using ‘Add New Department’. The various departments under which the employees are to be employed are to be created one by one. A unique code for each department should also be created to reduce future search time.

By clicking the “Add New Department” it will ask the department name and department code, just by entering the details can create a new department.

Edit / Delete Department

Once department are create, it will display as like below screen where you can edit/delete the records. This is very helpful in making corrections of mistakes.

Vehicle Maintenance Report

vehicle maintenance vehicle maintenance vehicle maintenance

Advance Level Various type possibility reports:-

  • Crusher feeding report
  • Oil /grease consume report
  • Plant capacity report
  • Daily equipment utilization report
  • Vehicle availability report
  • Plant availability report
  • Man power utilization and allocation report
  • Breakdown report
  • Actual Operative quantity report
  • Finished Road level report
  • Total Operative Quantity report
  • Site clearance and Dismantling report
  • Earth work report
  • Granular sub base and base courses report
  • Bituminous course and cement concrete pavement report
  • Cross drainage works report
  • Main carriage way report
  • Scarification report
  • Construction of Granular sub base report
  • Construction of Wet Mix Macadam report

Road Construction Solutions

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