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Micro Finance Software Solution


We are expert in Micro Finance Software Development, generally which is known as Money Market Software. We are going to be a leading Micro Finance Software Company in India.

Micro Finance is the provision of financial services to low-income clients or solidarity lending groups including consumers and the self-employed, who traditionally lack access to Banking and Insurance related services. So this Para Insurance-Banking system may become backbone of rural economy.

We have developed a number of Micro Finance software and all the software are still backing up to run the business of our clients with high satisfactory level.

Our developed software micro finance solution is so easy to use, full of those features that clients need.

Microfinance Solution Services

There are 5 panels

  • Master Super Admin (Top Level Management with System Settings)
  • Super Admin (Management Level control with all type of Report)
  • Admin Panel (for Branch Office Staff)
  • Member Panel (for Member)
  • Customer Panel (for Customer)

Software Architecture

The working procedure of 5 Panels

Master Super Admin : This is the head of the management with system settings, which controls the super admin, Admin, branch and user. It basically gives the command to the other panels regarding the type of work they have to do.

Super Admin : This may be said as the assistant of the management, which controls the admin panel of different branches with all type of Report.

Admin Pane : This is the medium for the users to work and is basically for branch office staffs. Users can do their entire jobs as per the permission of master super admin.

Member Panel : This is consists of all the agents, those who collect the work from the field. Its shows all the records of the past business held with the customers, the invoices, total collection, downline members with business etc and one can check this out by login user id and password, where every user id is unique.

Customer Panel : This is consists of all the entire clients, who makes the business deal with the company. The users can see their date of policy deposit, maturity date, enquiry of their payment(specially for RD), next due date for RD, the fine charges(if any) etc with the help of their id and a secret code.

Facilities in Super Admin Panel

Some main functions are:

  • Create Plan
  • Create Rank
  • Manage Commission
  • Policy Management (FD, RD, MIS)
  • Create Branch
  • Create Super Admin
  • Create User
  • Super Admin Right decision (which menu and which they will work)
  • User Level Right decision (which menu they will work)
  • TDS, Tax, Joining Form Charges, Late fee define
  • Lock / Unlock any Branch, user and Super Admin
  • Password Management for user and super admin
  • MIS / Management Level Report
  • Monitoring fund flow user wise and Branch Wise hour by and day by.
  • Expenses Group Create
  • Expenses Head Create
  • Expenses Monitoring
  • Maturity Monitoring
  • RD Due Monitoring
  • Loan Monitoring
  • Policy Modify / Delete Monitoring
  • Loan Monitoring
  • Member Sponsored ID change
  • Member Profile change
  • Member Password change
  • User Password change
  • Member Branch change
  • Policy Holder Branch change
  • Generate
  • All type of other possible report

Super Admin Panel for branch supporting

Super Admin will work only Selected Branch which Master Super Admin has given permission.

Some main functions are:

  • User Monitoring
  • Policy Modify
  • Policy Delete
  • Password Management for user
  • MIS / Management Level Report
  • Monitoring fund flow user wise and Branch Wise hour by and day by.
  • Expenses Monitoring
  • Maturity Monitoring
  • RD Due Monitoring

Where user will work as per given permission by Master Super Admin.

Some main functions are:

My Profile:

  • My Profile View
  • My Profile Modify
  • My Change Password

New Entry:

  • New Membership Entry
  • New Policy Entry
  • Renewal Entry
  • Back Date New Policy Entry
  • Back Date New Member Entry

Modify Entry:

  • Member Entry Modify
  • Member Entry Delete
  • Member to Member Transfer
  • Member to Branch Transfer
  • Member Rank Change
  • New Policy Entry Modify
  • New Policy Entry Delete
  • Policy Transfer


  • Daily Expenses Entry
  • Cash Transfer to Other Branch Account
  • Cash Transfer to Bank Account
  • Date wise Transfer Report
  • Policy Maturity paid
  • MIS Return
  • MIS Return Payment


  • View Member Information
  • View Member
  • View Member Down line List
  • View Member Direct & Indirect
  • View Member Tree
  • View Applicant Details
  • View Applicant Plan wise
  • View/Edit Member Password
  • View Policy Holder Password
  • Policy Expire List
  • Today Total Collection

MIS Report:

  • Advance Maturity List
  • Current Month Maturity List
  • RD Due List
  • Current Month RD Collection Due List
  • Member wise RD Due List
  • Member wise Maturity List
  • Details Unpaid Member Invoice
  • Monthly MIS Policy Return

Duplicate Receipt:

  • RD Duplicate Money Receipt
  • FD Duplicate Money Receipt
  • MIS Duplicate Money Receipt
  • Member Duplicate Money Receipt

Every member will receive separated ID and Password, in our website, they can enter and see the project value.

My Business:

  • Plan wise Business
  • Team Collection
  • Self Renewal Collection
  • RD Due List


  • Member Invoice
  • Commission Charge
  • Renewal Report

General Accounts for Head Office and Branch

  • Employee New Advance Entry
  • Employee New Loan Entry
  • Employee Salary Payment
  • Cash Payment to Branch
  • Cash Received from Branch
  • Other Expenses