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MLM Software Solutions Story of Binary Computer

multi level marketing software

MLM/Multi Level Marketing Software

Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is a term that describes marketing structure that used by some companies as a part of their overall marketing strategy. To run business smoothly you need a powerful software backup. We know our client’s need. We have vast knowledge of developing MLM Software (multi-level affiliate management) and we always go on current market flow. So we can provide our clients perfect software that helps them to run their business more efficiently.

General Features

  • Fully customized, automated, web based Application.
  • Simple, Reliable and User Friendly to operate.
  • Software decorates with all kind of reports.
  • Software integrated with every single requirement of clients.
  • Facility of Exporting the reports into Microsoft Excel, Word, PDF.
  • Software provides Registration logins with secure mode.
  • Fund management, Fund Transfer to members.
  • Provision for TDS deduction & GST on product/service.
  • Integrated with Inventory Management system & Franchisee management.
  • Cash Loan, Gold Loan & other loan management
  • Savings, RD, FD, MIS management.
  • Interest Calculation, Dividend Payable.
  • Multi Branch Facility

Why Choose Binary Computer for Best MLM Software In India

The Binary Computer is one of the leading software company in India, consisting of a team of specialists in designing, developing and managing projects. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver Software with your visual needs on time and within budget. Our business idea is to make the your business easy and profitable.

Top Features & Advanced Modules of our secure MLM Software

Our developed MLM Software is a Complete, Automated MLM Software for MLM Business. It has lot of excellent MLM Software features such as Binary Plan, Matrix Software, Level Income, Board Plan, Stair Step Plan, Network Marketing Plan, Direct Marketing Plan, Generation Plan, MLM Growth Plan, Repurchase Plan

Binary Plan MLM Software :

The Binary Computer introduces MLM binary software for all types of multi-level marketing companies, which can be a small or large scale multi-level marketing company. Binary MLM software developed by The Binary Computer includes all functionality, reports, pictorial representation of data and records required. Our MLM binary software is user friendly, easy to understand for everyone, genealogical presentation of hierarchical data of company's users, financial reports, left and right status of users binary structure, sponsor reports, thats why our MLM software is the best mlm software in India.

The Binary Computer team is fully qualified to integrate the latest APIs for the payment gateway for MLM payments online, SMS integration, mobile-friendly binary MLM software, user-friendly customer design or user dashboard and many of the latest features required by the multi-level marketing companies to manage a binary compensation plan.

Matrix Plan MLM software :

Our Matrix MLM software is able to manage all types of matrix plans, i.e. 3x3 MLM matrix, 3x5 matrix or any MLM activity. The Binary Computer offers customized Web-based Matrix MLM software according to customer requirements, as well as customized reports for managing and analyzing Matrix MLM activities.

Our best mlm software integrated with the latest technical features and functions makes it easier to manage, control and analyze business with customized reports, such as matrix structure with diagram, level reports, payout reports, fund or financial transaction reports, creation and transaction of e-pins and many other custom reports integrated with MLM matrix software.

Level Income MLM Software :

Our Uni-Level MLM Software has all the features required to manage, control and analyze your MLM business. Get in touch with us to get free Uni-Level MLM Software demo to check all the features, functionalities, reports, user-friendliness of Uni-Level MLM Software. MLM Software India develops customized web based online Uni-Level MLM Software as per clients plan, required, concept and provides the best web based MLM solutions with 100% accuracy in all respects along with excellent after sales support services

Hence, just visit The Binary Computer contact page and get in touch with us to find best Uni-Level MLM Software.

Generation Plan MLM Software:

The direct selling companies which want to launch Generation MLM plan needs a fully features and best generation MLM software to manage, control and analyze all the activities performed by the MLM leaders and customers.The Binary Computer introduces their most popular Generation MLM Software for this purpose. Our Generation MLM Software has all the features, functionalities, reports and forms required to manage any generation MLM plan business industry. Our Generation MLM Software also manages data and records of branches, franchises or agencies provided by the multi level marketing companies for their generation MLM plan.

Send a request for free demo of Generation MLM Software through our website to review all the features, functionalities and reports. Professional team at The Binary Computer continuously doing efforts to provide best featured Generation MLM Software for our clients.

Cryptocurrency & Coin Software:

Generally Crypto is the term that keeps the meaning of secrecy, privacy and encryption. And currency means money including coins and paper notes, every country is having their own specific currency. Cryptocurrency is also known as digital currency and it is medium of exchange which uses encryption techniques and algorithms that control and maintain the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds by the help of cryptography. Cryptocurrency uses certain principles of cryptography, which is a method that store and transmit the data in a particular and specific form. Cryptography provides a very secure way of transactions and control over the creation of new coins.

Repurchase Plan MLM Software:

In present scenario most of MLM companies launches Repurchase MLM for such concept direct selling companies needs a suitable and best Repurchase MLM Software to successfully operate and manage their direct selling company. The Repurchase MLM companies needs attractive shopping cart website, franchise or agency management system which manage data through centralization system, so that the multi level marketing company can analyze their stock or inventory of their products or services through Repurchase MLM Software.

The Binary Computer offers best Repurchase MLM Software that integrated all the features and functionalities along with franchise, agency or branch management system. We offers customized web base Repurchase MLM Software through which direct selling companies can manage accounts of their branch or franchises centrally. The direct selling company head office can view and control all the branches transactions and stock of their products and services, MLM customer transactions and structures through various analytical and financial reports.

Professional team at The Binary Computer has decades of Repurchase MLM Software development experience and always efforts for adopt new technology to provide best featured Repurchase MLM Software. Contact now for free demo of Repurchase MLM Software with Sysfo Software Solutions which offers best MLM software services and IT solutions with 100% accuracy in all respects.

MLM Software General Features

E-Pin generation

E-pin (Prepaid voucher) is one of the secure way of taking membership / product payment.


E-money and E-wallet Both are available in software which boostup your business.

Stock Maintain

There is Stock Maintain Panel in our software so you need not maintain stock manually.

Product Management

Through this panel you can manage your product, such as product sale/purchase, product offers etc.

Stockist Panel

There will be stockist available also.

Facebook Like

We provide facebook like option. Which is another business plan for MLM Business.

Franchise Management

There will be Franchise Management panel.

Ecommerce joining

E-pin (Prepaid voucher) is one of the secure way.

SMS Intregation

SMS software to send unlimited number of group text messages from your PC.

Binary or Matrix Tree System with Joining

Binary Plan is like a 2xInfinity Forced Matrix with a Twist. This plan allows you to build a limited width organization.

Own Dedicated Server with Auto Backup Database

We have own dedicated server. So we can give 100% guaranteed data security.

Lr/paypal/perfect money/ alert pay

We Provide payment gateway as Liberty/paypal/perfect money/ alert pay to colltect payment from user.

E-pin and E-money through Joining

We provide both E-pin and E-money facilities.

SMS Intregation

We offer a couple of different ways for your application to interact with Bulk SMS to send sms messages.

Add View

We developed now ad view plan.


Now this is new feature added to our software. There one can bidding for any freelancing job.

Balance Sheet

There will be option for calculatiing balance sheet.


We integrate dynamic tds system which means admin can set any rate of tds anytime.

CMS Base website

Your website can be CMS based if you need.

Dash Board

Our software design is looking best we demand

Welcome Letter

Thre are customize welcome letter in our software.

Gift / Offer Promotional

Another new feature of gift / offer promotional is added to our software.

Cheque printing

Cheque printing software will help you to print Cheques in your bank's format.


E-money and E-wallet Both are available in software which boostup your business.